BAN Women vs IND Women, 3rd T20I at Sylhet, BAN v IND [W], May 02 2024 – Match Result

Match centre 

Scores: Sudeep Poojar | Comms: Rashad Mahbub

Scorecard Summary
BANGLADESH WOMEN • 117/8(20 Overs)

39 (27)

2/22 (4)

28 (36)

1/24 (4)

INDIA WOMEN • 121/3(18.3 Overs)

51 (38)

1/10 (2)

47 (42)

1/24 (4)

It sounds like Harmpanpreet Kaur had some insightful reflections on the game. It’s always fascinating to hear the perspective of players, especially regarding their strategies and the team dynamics. Maintaining composure, understanding roles, and executing plans seem to be key themes here. Looks like the team is in good hands with a supportive coaching staff and players who are willing to adapt and take responsibility.
Player of the match Shafali Verma

It sounds like Shafali Verma had a fantastic game and is in great form, especially with her partnership with Mandhana. Crossing the 2000 runs milestone together must have been a special moment for both of them. It’s wonderful to see her dedication to playing to her strengths and contributing to the team’s success. With the T20I World Cup on the horizon, her focus on continuing to perform well and help the team win is commendable. Winning the Man of the Match award must have been a proud moment for her and her family.

Nigar Sultana:

It sounds like the team faced some challenges during the match, particularly with losing wickets in quick succession and not finishing strongly in the latter part of the innings.

Maintaining composure and belief in themselves despite tough times shows a strong mindset within the team. It’s great to hear that Dilara showed promise despite not reaching her fifty and that there’s confidence in her potential for future performances. Despite the batting struggles, the bowlers seem to be performing well, especially with their efforts in the powerplay and the comeback towards the end of the innings. todaymatchprediction Ritu Moni’s breakthrough moment seems to have been a highlight, showcasing the team’s willingness to try new strategies to turn the game around.

Presentation ceremony:

It seems like India’s dominance continued in the series with another convincing win, securing both the victory in the third match and the series. Mandhana and Verma’s performances must have been crucial in setting up India’s strong position throughout the game. Ritu Moni’s exceptional catch showcased Bangladesh’s resilience despite the tough situation. However, India’s control over the game was evident, with few opportunities for Bangladesh to turn the tide in their favor.


India Women won the match by 7 wickets

Nahida Akter’s boundary to seal the series for India must have been a moment of celebration for the team. However, AJ’s comment suggests a desire for India to set more ambitious targets and strive for greater efficiency in closing out matches, especially against stronger opponents like Australia and England. Setting and achieving such targets can indeed help in preparing for more challenging battles in the future.

“Pathetic slow batting by these two (even though win is on the card)”


Nahida Akter to Ghosh, no run

Back of a length ball outside off, wild swing and a miss

Manu: “I am always with Dipti, Ashwin and Shakib for playing good cricket by taking care of rules of the game.”


There’s a check by the TV umpire whether Richa Ghosh crossed the line while taking the second run


Nahida Akter to Ghosh, 2 runs

Length ball outside off, punches off the backfoot through the covers for a couple


END OF OVER 184 runs
IND-W: 115/3CRR: 6.38 • RRR: 1.50 • Need 3 from 12b
Richa Ghosh2 (7b)
Harmanpreet Kaur6 (10b)
Fahima Khatun3-0-10-0
Nahida Akter3-0-18-1


Fahima Khatun to Ghosh, 1 run

Short pitched ball wide outside off, shuffles across and swats hard through mid on



Fahima Khatun to Ghosh, no run

Short of a length ball outside off, tries to cut it and misses the length



Fahima Khatun to Kaur, 1 run

Fuller length ball connects it well past the bowler



Fahima Khatun to Kaur, no run

Flighted delivery on the stumps, defends on the pitch



Fahima Khatun to Ghosh, 1 run

Back of a length outside off, cuts it square to point



Fahima Khatun to Kaur, 1 run

Length ball on the pads, dabs it to the onside

Harsh Shah: “Need an aggressor along with Shefali at the top for a quick start so that Ind-W can set huge targets. Hence open with Yastika and Shefali.”


END OF OVER 171 run
IND-W: 111/3CRR: 6.52 • RRR: 2.33 • Need 7 from 18b
Richa Ghosh0 (4b)
Harmanpreet Kaur4 (7b)
Nahida Akter3-0-18-1
Rabeya Khan4-0-24-1


Nahida Akter to Ghosh, no run

Length ball outside off, cuts to the point fielder



Nahida Akter to Ghosh, no run

Back of a length ball, played straight to the cover fielder

Manu: “I don’t see any problem in any kind of “out” be it mankading or timed out. If there is any issues here, it is shaming the players for making an appeal” Why not adhere to both perspectives since it is reported in the books?



Nahida Akter to Ghosh, no run

Short of a length outside off, tries to play a late cut stroke and beats the outside edge



Nahida Akter to Ghosh, no run

Good length on the off stump, moves towards the line of the delivery and pushes it to extra cover



Nahida Akter to Kaur, 1 run

Full on the stumps, driven down the ground to long off



Nahida Akter to Kaur, no run

Back of a length ball, glanced away to mid wicket


END OF OVER 166 runs • 1 wicket
IND-W: 110/3CRR: 6.87 • RRR: 2.00 • Need 8 from 24b
Harmanpreet Kaur3 (5b)
Rabeya Khan4-0-24-1
Nahida Akter2-0-17-1


Rabeya to Hemalatha, OUT

Good length ball on middle-leg, kept low and beats Hemalatha as she tries to tuck it away off the backfoot, hits the back pad, looks plumb and the umpire is convinced too

Dayalan Hemalatha lbw b Rabeya Khan 9 (11b 0x4 0x6) SR: 81.81

Harsh Shah: “This is an unpopular opinion but need to replace Smriti with Yastika to get a blitz start, furthermore, Yastika is in much better form.”



Rabeya to Kaur, 1 run

Good length ball, played with soft hands through covers



Rabeya to Hemalatha, 1 run

Short of a length outside off, driven square to the point region



Rabeya to Kaur, 1 run

Slower through the air delivery outside off, drives it square and finds the inside edge through the legs of the keeper



Rabeya to Hemalatha, 1 run

Length ball, played off the backfoot straight past the bowler