Netherlands vs Sri Lanka, 19th Match – Live Cricket Score, Commentary

You could sense the disappointment in Scott Edwards’ interview there. He felt that 260 was a good total, but the bowling wasn’t up to the mark as it was against South Africa the other day. There was plenty of help for the spinners, and Aryan Dutt was fantastic. However, the rest of the bowlers, especially the pacers, leaked too many freebies.

Sri Lanka would be relieved after notching up their first win. They’ll need to get on a bit of a roll from here to make a case for the top four. Lots of hard work ahead.

So that’s it from this one. You can switch over to our coverage from the Wankhede where England’s chase is underway. Cheers!

Kusal Mendis | Sri Lanka captain:

“Very happy today, winning our first match of the World Cup. The bowlers did well in the first 10 overs. Rajitha and Dilshan bowled really well. I think 280 would’ve been enough on this pitch, maybe. It was turning at the end. Sadeera batted really well. Rajitha had only three overs left, so that’s why I took him off. Sadeera and Asalanka batted really well. Lots of positive things to take from this match.”

Scott Edwards | Netherlands captain:

“We obviously didn’t start well.todaymatchprediction I thought we got ourselves to what was a pretty competitive total. Our first 30 overs – we just didn’t get it right. Leaked too many boundary balls. Didn’t field that well either. Our bowlers have been good for us throughout the tournament, but our top order and our bowlers let us down today.

I don’t know if we would change too much. Just want to execute better. Had a feeling it would turn later. Aryan turns it a bit more generally than other spinners. He bowled exceptionally well. Our batting hasn’t quite clicked yet. Got a few too many starts but haven’t kicked on.

Not too bothered either way (batting first or second). Not too stressed about the toss.”

Sadeera Samarawickrama | Player of the Match:

Really happy to finish the game for my team. We needed a win; we haven’t done well in the last 3 games, so I really wanted to win a game for my team and I am really happy. When I went to bat, the wicket was not easy. The ball was spinning and the pacers were bowling good line and lengths. My plan was to bat deep and play maximum overs. I did my basics right and hence succeeded. I knew it would be hard in the later part because the wicket was turning and gripping. My plan for others was also to bat deep, and I told them we can’t chase this total in 40 overs.

Today, it was hard to bat against the spinners. The wicket was slow and the ball was gripping.

18:28 Local Time, 12:58 GMT, 18:28 IST:

Sadeera Samarawickrama’s unbeaten 91 guides Sri Lanka to their first win of the tournament after three straight defeats. It was a pressure situation that he walked into, with two wickets lost for just 52, and Nissanka was dismissed a few overs after that, having failed to kick on after his fifty yet again. But a partnership of 77 between Samawickrama and Asalanka steadied the ship for Sri Lanka. The pitch was offering quite a bit of turn, and Aryan Dutt was again fantastic for Netherlands. He even broke that partnership for the fourth wicket in his final over, knocking over Asalanka who just couldn’t help himself after a few dot balls and went for the big shot. However, Samarawickrama remained steadfast at the crease, and kept going after raising his fifty. It was a knock of composure from the No.4 on a pitch that demanded it of the batters. Netherlands fought all the way through but it wasn’t enough today. They did a splendid job of making a game of it in the first place after having collapsed to 91/6 earlier on.

Ackermann to Hemantha:

  • 48.0: FOUR! Sri Lanka get their first win of the tournament! A boundary from Hemantha to finish it off. He dances down, finds the ball fired in on the shorter side, and swats it over mid-on.
  • 48.1: No run. Full outside off, Hemantha looks to drive but it rolls off a thick edge to point.
  • 47.1: No run. Pitched up on off, defended to cover.
  • 47.2: 2 runs. Oh, a direct hit from the deep, but a desperate dive from Samarawickrama should mean that he’s safe. Yes, comfortably home. Full delivery on off, he looks to drive and drags it off a thick inside edge through midwicket. The call is for two but it’s a bit risky with the fielder swooping in. Samarawickrama throws himself into the crease though.
  • 47.3: No run. Full ball, driven to mid-on who makes a diving stop.
  • 47.4: No run. Another diving stop from Vikram at mid-on. Overpitched, Samarawickrama drives sweetly but can’t get it through.
  • 47.5: No run. Pitched up outside off, driven to cover.
  • 47.6: No run. Full delivery on middle, Samarawickrama mistimes the drive to midwicket. The field is up with just 4 runs left.
  • 48.1: No run. Length ball outside off, turns in sharply, Hemantha goes back and defends.

Dushan Hemantha, right handed bat, comes to the crease

    • 46.3: No run. Floated up on off, defended forward.
    • 46.4: THAT’S OUT!! Bowled!!

    Ackermann to Samarawickrama:

    • 46.3: 1 run. Length ball turning in on off, Samarawickrama shuffles across and glances it behind square.Dhananjaya, out Bowled!! Dhananjaya charges out to finish it with a big hit, but gets clean bowled! Tossed up nicely, dips on him and he gets nowhere close to the pitch of it. Still goes through with the slog and it turns right through the gate to knock over the bails.